Treatment for Fungal Nails

NOVEON® Nailaser™ Treatment for Fungal Nails

Fungal nail infection can be embarrassing, unsightly and impact on your self-esteem as well as your quality of life. They can also be painful and odorous and you can pass the infection on to others. Time to get them treated!

What is Fungal Nail infection?

Fungal infection in the nail is normally caused by one particular fungus called Trichophyton Rubrum. Our skin naturally has fungus on it and it is normally controlled by a very weak acid secreted by our sweat glands. The fungus will overwhelm these natural defences when conditions on the skin are moist and warm. In these circumstances we develop a fungal infection in the skin called “Athlete’s Foot”.

Around 30% of the population develops this condition and it is the fungus that is responsible for this infection that spreads into toe and finger nails. Research suggests that approximately 25% of the adult population under 60 years of age will have a fungal nail infection and this can increase to 50% of adults over 60 years of age.

Will the infection clear up without treatment?

No. The infection is contagious and if left untreated can spread to other nails. Once the infection is in the nail it can cause the surrounding skin to become infected, this can cause tissue breakdown and a bacterial infection which can become quite serious.

 What is Noveon Nailaser treatment?

Noveon Nailaser is a photobiologic laser which attacks specific cells within a fungus and is:

  • A state of the Art clinically advanced laser system
  • Has undergone 7 years of clinical trials with proven published results
  • Is medically proven to be effective 

Download our information guide from this link or to find out more information on the Noveon NaiLaser visit this link.

See our video explaining more about the treatment.

Is Noveon Nailaser the most effective treatment option?

Noveon Nailaser is one of the most clinically advanced and effective photobiologic systems currently available. It comes with a proven track record of success backed up by published medical research.

At The Hartland Podiatry Clinic we aim to provide the very best evidence based treatment options with the highest chance of success.

 Medical evidence published by The British Association of Dermatologists suggests combination therapies tend to more effective than single treatment options. The most effective treatment combination will be discussed with you during your Initial Assessment at the clinic. We are able to treat both toe and finger nail infections.  (Treatments are not suitable for patients under the age of 18 years).

We currently offer a combination treatment involving Noveon Nailaser.

The combination treatments we currently offer are achieving success rates in excess of 95%.

What are the benefits of the combination treatment?

  • Noveon Nailaser is a UK/ EU approved medical laser device
  • Safe technology – no toxic plume as with other laser devices
  • Proven medical results – success rates in excess of 95%
  • Promotes healthy nail growth from the first treatment
  • Visual improvement within two to three months

 What will the Podiatrist do at my first appointment?

During your Initial Assessment the Podiatrist will talk through your medical history and prescription medication currently being taken and assess whether you are medically suitable for the treatments we offer.

We would always conduct a micro biology test to confirm the diagnosis of fungal infection. This is important as other medical conditions can discolour nails which appear similar to a fungal infection. Once the assessment and the test are complete the most suitable combination treatment will be discussed with you and treatment will commence quickly. 


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