Facial Aesthetics

The Clinic is pleased to be able to offer a new clinical service – Facial Aesthetics.

  • Our range of non-surgical treatments are available to both men and women. We offer clients an initial consultation with our Facial Aesthetics Practitioner who will discuss suitability and treatment options.

facial aestheticsKate Field, our Facial Aesthetics Practitioner is registered with the General Dental Council having a Bachelor of Science degree in dentistry and continues to work in Dentistry as well as Facial Aesthetics. Kate qualified in Advanced Non-Surgical Aesthetics in Harley Street, London and has continued to develop her professional training which enables her to offer a comprehensive range of treatments.

Ageing is a fact of life; signs of ageing are largely due to our body making less collagen as we get older. Collagen is the substance that gives our skin a firm and youthful appearance. It acts as a support structure for our skin, and gives shape and volume to our face. Wrinkles are not only caused through the ageing process but are also caused by a number of factors like; over exposure to the sun, smoking, city living, squinting at monitors, air pollution and even stress etc. However once the lines have appeared, there are several possible non-surgical treatments.

facial aesthetics

 We are able to offer

Please contact the Clinic on: 01235 798313 to speak to one of our team who will book you a consultation with Kate to discuss which ever treatment you may be interested in.