Minor Surgery

MINOR SURGERY (E.g. Ingrowing toe nails)

minorsurgeryWe offer a range of minor soft tissue surgical procedures performed under local anaesthesia.

The following are examples:

  • In growing toe nail
  • Infected in growing toe nail
  • Removal of nails that are deformed or painful
  • Removal of nails following trauma
  • Dry needling verruca
  • Removal of foreign bodies in the foot
  • Debridement and enucleation of painful corns
  • Debridement and enucleation of neuro vascular corns
  • Correction for painful involuted nails
  • Removal of fungal nails.

Having a minor procedure at the Clinic is no different to having a minor procedure in hospital. We will carry out a pre Surgical Assessment and complete the relevant Consent forms. In addition we can supply analgaesia and antibiotics if required.

We will take good care of you on the day; please contact us for further details.