Diabetes and Foot Health

Diabetes is a common condition with more than three million people with diabetes the UK.

It is also a complex long term condition characterised by the accumulation of glucose in the body as a result of the inability of the body to produce or use insulin effectively

Diabetes, untreated, or poorly managed can lead to damage to other organs (kidneys, eyes, heart, nerves and blood vessels) and tends to worsen with other risk factors such as smoking, poor diet, obesity and hypertension.

People with diabetes may be at risk of developing foot problems. Therefore; it is beneficial to be screened, at least annually, to detect the presence of neuropathy, ischaemia and/or foot deformity.  Annual review allows for the identification of, and monitoring of, any changes in an individual’s foot risk -status.

Our team at The Hartland Podiatry Clinic offer a Diabetic Foot Assessment. Our Podiatrists have the specialist skills to examine and assess Vascular and Neurolgoical Status.

We can provide GP’s with reports and treat where required.