Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels aim to remove the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface which accumulate and clog up your skin over the years. This procedure will allow new healthy cells to grow back which creates smoother looking skin. This is an accelerated form of exfoliation to help revitalise skin tone and improve texture and can also be used to treat blemishes, scars, it will also help reduce the signs of ageing.

How facial peels work?

The acids within the peel work by bringing the pH of the skin to an optimum acidity level. This action chemically loosens the “glue” that binds the dead and damaged cells causing exfoliation and allow the promotion of new cell growth.


The procedure involves, cleansing the skin and applying the chemical peel for several minutes. After 10 minutes the peel is removed.

The skin may be red and irritable, you may also experience flaking of the skin for a few days. It is recommended that a high factor sun block is used for a minimum of two weeks.

The results of the first chemical peel will be subtle to begin with but after the third treatment there will be a significant improvement in the appearance and texture of the skin.

A course of between 3 – 6 chemical peels are usually recommended to achieve the best results.

Chemical Peels Chemical Peels